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    Through the balance of password verification and game theory, software can be used to create, issue and transmit blockchain-based digital assets

    Molecule Group is an investment company dedicated to bringing extraordinary returns to investors by actively managing the investment portfolio of these blockchain assets

    Molecular Group
    Molecular Group focuses on investment in the field of blockchain and has two blockchain venture capital funds — XBTING Foundation and Hawk Capital, top-class teams for digital asset quantification and hedge, Molecular Future digital asset investment service platform, Molecular Hub, digital economy research institute, blockchain media, and exchange.
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      Molecular Future Digital Currency Asset Management

    • Quantify
    • Molecular Quantification Joint Venture Quantification Strategic Development Company with FRM Investment Holding Group Corporation

    • Assets
    • Molecular Assets Equity Investment

    • Hedge
    • Molecular Hedge Independently Developed Futures and Spot Hedge Trading System

    • Incubator
    • Molecular Incubator Center Co-founded by Hong Kong Science Park, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute and multiple venture capital institutions

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  • Founding Team of Molecule Group FOUNDING TEAM

      JASON TSO CEO / Chief Executive Officer Graduated from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada, majoring in Economics, an entrepreneur for consecutive years, mainly engaged in cryptocurrency, financial investment, angel investment, international trade, financing load, and internet finance platform operation, with rich experience in FRM financial risk management.

      JACKY CHAN COO / Chief Operating Officer Graduated from SFU, Canada, holding double degrees in Economics and Marketing, with years of experience in industrial investment and international trade operation, more than a decade experience in company management and investment, and years of strategic partnership with Hong Kong Emperor Group and Lukfook Financial.

      BARRY LLCFO CFO / Chief Financial Officer Graduated from UBC, Canada, with double degrees in Psychology and Economics; president of XBTING Foundation, and an entrepreneur for consecutive years, paying attention to Bitcoin since 2013 and thus focusing on blockchain project investment. In 2016, initiated RMB 20 million angel funds to establish the XBTING Foundation, and since then having managed over RMB 100 million capital and taken part in investment in several blockchain projects. Being a special consultant for multiple projects, successfully financing multiple blockchain projects, and once raising RMB 300 million for a project.

      LOK ZHANGCMO CMO / Chief Marketing Officer An early cryptocurrency investor, with rich experience in investment and more than a decade experience in energy industrial marketing, currently mainly responsible for launching, marketing and brand planning of projects of Molecular Future.

      GOLDEN YU CIO / Chief Information Officer Chief financial information analyst, engaged in big data information integration, financial risk modeling analysis management, and fundamental and technical analysis on professional futures and cryptocurrency stocks.

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